Artificial River Has No Memories is a sound installation inspired by the heritage of natural resource as well as manufacturing industries at North Adams during the residency at MASS MoCA. The installation consists of six metal cones as the narrators of the biological, mechanical and cultural evolution of communication and empathy. The materials of the sculptures include scrap metal purchased from a garage near MASS MoCA where the remnants of the factories are collected and sold.

Multiple audios are played through the different cones when visitors approach. The audios include: Texts from Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges in Spanish, describing a fictional universe in which the language of object is constructed by sense; Excerpt from a podcast on how our brains may have evolved for language in which scientists talk about how birds simulate human language during domestication; Sounds from machines/instruments which serve the purpose of communication; Recorded sounds in a forest based on memories of a son and his passed father.

This installation is in collaboration with Rogelio báez vega and supported by Assets for Artists at MASS MoCA.  

The piece has been installed at a passageway located at MASS MoCA. The specific site as a former factory campus and a collection of contemporary arts provides a unique soundscape. The ambiance sounds from the surrounding river, trees, birds and insects, to the architectural resonance from the 19th-century mill building, to the visitors’ footsteps on the wood floor of the Sol LeWitt exhibition, and the leaking sounds from the Tonal Walkway, another sound installation in the John Cage/Merce Cunningham Bridge.