Subtle sound

Arduino, ultrasonic distance sensor, vibration motors, vibration sensor, amplifier components, speaker components, junction box, clear hose, seashell fragments, whale ear bone fossil, glass sphere, spring, mung beans





Time duration

The length of presence; the lifespan of sprout

A prototype created to demonstrate the utopian intertwined worlding between the natural and artificial, the organic and inorganic, through the interconversion between analog and digital signal, vibratory energy and sensory experience.


An interactive installation that navigates the space with dynamic sounds, which are triggered by the presence of human body. With sensor, vibrator and sound device, the installation aims at creating a sensorial resonance between the mechanical materiality and the organic body. The objects are connected with threads which attached to vibration motors, and contact microphone with an amplifier. The encounter of any visitor will be captured by an ultrasonic distance sensor, which then activates the motors and produce sounds through the vibration. A recording of the previous sounds produced through the apparatus is played through a transducer attached to the floor, which turns the whole floor as a vibrating speaker. The vibration causes unnoticeable movements of the objects over time. In the meanwhile, the bean in a glass beaker sprouts during the exhibition without human intervention. It is a juxtaposition of two self-enclosure transformation systems: the electronic circuit and the photosynthesis mechanism of mung beans.